Replacement of your fascias with UPVC

Replacing fascias and soffits to your home is a cost effective way to improve the appearance and value of your home. We use quality UPVC products which are low maintenance, economical and long lasting.

UPVC vs Wooden Soffits and Fascias:

Essentially it is down to personal choice as to which one you choose.

Here is list of Pros and cons on both UPVC and wood:


  • In relation to the alternatives it is cheaper
  • Gives your home or commercial building a more modern look than wooden fascias and soffits
  • Easy to repair and clean
  • Made up of resilient material
  • Low maintenance
  • Can endure weathering much more than wooden fascias and soffits
  • Enhances the overall value of your home
  • UPVC will not rot, will never need painting, do not discolour and remain maintenance free for up to 40 years, apart from a clean with warm soapy water


  • You can paint the wood therefore, changing the look of the building
  • Varying types of wood available e.g. oak, cedar and timber
  • Can give a more traditional look
  • Wood is porous and once water has breached the outer layer, it will need replacing