Roof Damage Insurance Claims

At PJ White Roofing, we know that few things can be as stressful and uncertain as extreme weather conditions damaging your roof. Aside from roof damage and potential harm to the house’s interior, the experience can be a trying period, Amidst all of this, trying to make an insurance claim can be a serious source of extra stress. Insurance companies tend to ask for reports, quotes and a ton of paperwork before they agree to sign off on your claim – and it’s a worry you can well do without.

PJ White Roofers can take on the responsibility and ‘project manage’ your roof damage insurance claim for you. This means that we will sort out your storm damage insurance claim for you, helping your life get back to normal.

We can speak to your insurance providers, supply them with all documentation they require, and represent your interests to get you the best possible compensation payment from loss adjusters. If your roof has been damaged as a result of severe weather conditions and you want skilled professionals to take on the burden of a complex roof damage insurance claim, contact PJ White Roofers today.


Storm Damage 

A brick had come loose from my chimney and fallen down into my garden I called PJ White roofing specialists up and they came out very promptly and pointed out that actually the chimney was leaning very severely and was very dangerous they spoke to my insurance company for me and and got them to cover all the cost of all the work Patrick made one phone call to his scaffolder and had men on site within two hours scaffold was up to the chimney and it was made safe The same day and was rebuilt the next I didn’t need to ask the guys to do anything it was just all automatically done for me they fixed the lower gutters and put new slates in a lower roof without me even asking keep up the good work.

Mr D, Caversham

Nov 2015